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When Kiran Met Karen

Movie : When Kiran Met Karen

Director: Unknow

Actors: , ,

Genres: Drama, Romance

Countries: India USA


Released: July 12, 2008


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When Kiran Met Karen: Bollywood actress Kiran is being hounded by the media for past indiscretions. She escapes out the back of a press conference in New York and is forced to share a cab with Karen, whom she soon discovers is a journalist herself. But Karen could provide a cover article which may save Kirans career so she agree's to an interview, which turns out to be more of a night of sex, drugs and alcohol. It turns out that Kiran's jealous fiancé and manager had organized the entire night hiring an actress named Amy to be Karen. Dave takes secret pictures of them together and releases them to the public, bringing Kirans career to an abrupt and miserable halt.

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