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Movie : Tempo

Director: Eric Styles

Actors: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Genres: Crime, Romance, Thriller

Countries: Canada France Luxembourg UK

Runtime: 85 mins

Released: June 10, 2003


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Tempo: In France, Sarah is a courier of illegal pieces of arts and antiques, living in a borrowed apartment with Jack, a man younger and younger than she. While Sarah is traveling to Munich to bring a rare coin to the criminal Walter Shrenger, Jack meets Jenny Travile, a silly and irresponsible American girl, who works a fancy jewelery, and they have an affair. Jenny falls in love for him, and exposes the code and the secrets of the store to Jack. Meanwhile, Sarah is stolen in the train in her travel back to Paris, and has to raise US$ 80,000.00 in two days to pay for the lost. She convinces Jack to rob the jewelery with her to raise the money. However, things do not happen how planned.

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