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Movie : Susuk

Director: Naeim Ghalili

Actors: , , , , ,

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Countries: Malaysia

Runtime: 110 mins

Released: June 27, 2008


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Susuk: Beauty and fame has a price. Soraya is a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her mediocre life. A chance introduction to the world of galmour piques her earlier ambition to be a star. She odes not succeed at first. But she is told that the forbidden practice of Susuk can help. She has to make a choice whether to stay the way she is or cross the line. Meanwhile, Suzana is a prominent diva with an air of mystery. A practitioner of the black arts, especially the extreme “susuk keramat”, she requires human lives for her exploits. We follow the eventful lives of these two women until we get to the secret of the dreaded charm.

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