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Movie : Oedipus

Director: Jason Wishnow

Actors: , , ,

Genres: Short

Countries: USA

Runtime: 8 mins

Released: April 12, 2004


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Oedipus: A self-possessed shepherd does not bow to a passing king, Laius of Thebes, so Laius draws his sword. The shepherd, Oedipus, slays the king and later, in a nightclub, hears the singing of Jocasta, Laius’s widow and queen. Oedipus is smitten, and soon he’s in her bed. Then, blind Tiresias, in the public square, announces that a prophecy has been fulfilled. Oedipus, always a man of action, gouges out his eyes, Jocasta hurls herself from a parapet, and Antigone, their daughter, begins her new role as guide to her blind father. The film is stop motion, with fruits and vegetables as the main character.

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