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L’uomo che guarda

Movie : L’uomo che guarda

Director: Tinto Brass

Actors: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Genres: Drama

Countries: Italy


Released: January 27, 1994


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L’uomo che guarda: At a college in Rome, a professor, nicknamed “Dodo” is in a deep depression. His stunningly beautiful wife has just left him for another man. Dodo wants her back very badly and has erotic daydreams about her. A beautiful young student in his class asks him for a ride home and seduces the lucky man, but still he wonders about his wife and her lover. Wile visiting his father he meets his dad’s very sexy live-in nurse who takes care of much more then his broken leg. She tells Dodo of a beautiful young woman whose been having a sexual relationship with his father?

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