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Watch Les chevaliers du ciel Online

Les chevaliers du ciel

Movie : Les chevaliers du ciel

Director: Gérard Pirès,

Actors: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Genres: Action, Adventure


Runtime: 102 mins

Released: April 07, 2006


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Watch Les chevaliers du ciel movie online Free

Watch Les chevaliers du ciel: While in an international fair of exhibition of airplanes, a French Mirage 2000 of the last generation vanishes and pilots Antoine “Walkn” Marchelli and Sebastian “Fahrenheit” Vallois are assigned to locate the plane that is flying in a hiding position below a commercial airplane. The pilots order the Mirage to return to the base, but the Mirage attacks Fahrenheit instead, and Walkn immediately shots the Mirage saving his partner. However, the evidences are forged by the leader of a force called “Special Missions” and Walkn is falsely accused of not following the orders and discharged from the air force. Blacklisted in the commercial flight companies, Walkn and Fahrenheit are pressed…

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