I Want to Marry Ryan Banks


Jason Priestley, Erin Karpluk, Denis Corbett, Brenda Crichlow, Nicole Oliver, Jennifer Kitchen, Yolanda Corbett, Garwin Sanford, Cameron Bancroft, Brian Drummond, David Parker, Lauren Lee Smith, Adrian Hough, Bradley Cooper, Emma Caulfield, Leah Cairns, Luciana Carro, Melissa Barker Sauer, Moneca Delain, Todd Whalen
120 mins
I Want to Marry Ryan BanksI Want to Marry Ryan Banks
I Want to Marry Ryan BanksI Want to Marry Ryan Banks1050
I Want to Marry Ryan Banks: I Want to Marry Ryan Banks: Sexy Ryan Banks becomes a Hollywood star overnight when he's asked to act at a party and convinces his best friend Todd Doherty to become his exclusive manager. When his career goes down hill after a failed movie, the firms boss gives Todd three months to turn the tide. Todd gets a TV station to stage a six weeks reality dating show to pick -with input from the viewers- bachelor Ryan's bride from 15 preselected candidates -all handpicked to improve Ryan's image- who cohabit with him in a fairy-tale mansion. Charlie Norton from Boston was entered by her sister and only accepts at Ryan's personal insistence, and soon proves both his and the audience's favorite. The takes for the show are a surreal experience; Todd constantly coaches Ryan trough a miniature earpiece. However Charlie spontaneously feels for Todd and finds out he's the one who thinks up all Ryan's good answers; he is torn between his professional loyalty and personal emotions, so she decides to repulse Ryan on the show, but that gets edited so the audience won't notice. She makes the final, refuses to stay on the show, and gets Todd (not really) 'fired' when Ryan learns the truth- he finally points out his entire life has been sidelined for Ryans career; the studio threatens to sue Charlie for contract-breach. In the final Ryan still chooses Charlie on air over a fellow Thespian, or rather ...
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