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Hana Surf Girls

Movie : Hana Surf Girls

Director: Russ Spencer

Actors: ,

Genres: Documentary, Drama

Countries: USA


Released: February 11, 2010


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Watch Hana Surf Girls movie online Free

Hana Surf Girls: A unique documentary that takes audiences to Hana, a close-knit, isolated town on the east coast of Maui known as "The Last Hawaiian Place." There we meet Monyca Byrne Wickey and Lipoa Kahaleuahi, two native girls who have grown up taking hula lessons, hiking to secret pools, surfing, and learning traditional Hawaiian values. Theirs has been an idyllic upbringing, but both face the same challenge: they've grown up in paradise, but what will be next? Lipoa, who has chosen to attend college on the mainland, returns for the summer to try to heal a rift in her family and bond again with her father, so that she may return to school in the fall with a sense of wholeness. After her high school graduation (in a class of only 24 other students) Monyca watches many of her classmates leaving to go to university, and the pressure is on for her to develop a professional surfing career. In the end, both girls strive to create an adult life in which they remain true to their Hana roots, but develop the strength to move on and become independent. Their quest is deeply informed by Hana's strong power of the land, mana, and by their own inner strength and resilience.

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