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A Passionate Woman

Movie : A Passionate Woman

Director: Unknow

Actors: , , ,

Genres: Drama

Countries: UK

Runtime: 90 mins

Released: May 15, 2010


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A Passionate Woman: 1950s period drama based on the true story of a housewife and mother whose life is turned upside down by a handsome Polish man at her local dance hall.Kay Mellors play, A Passionate Woman, has been adapted into two stories. The first focuses on a mothers affair in the Fifties and the second is set in the Eighties and looks at the consequences of that affair 30 years on. A Passionate Woman is a very personal look at the changing role of women over the last 50 years. Set in Leeds in the Fifties Cold War period, Billie Piper stars as Betty, a young wife and mother who reluctantly falls passionately and hopelessly in love with her charismatic Polish neighbour, Alex Crazenovski, played by Theo James. But little does Betty know that some 30 years later, in Eighties Thatcherite Britain, her affair will implode on her beloved son Marks wedding day. Andrew Lee Potts plays Mark in the Eighties. Sue Johnston, stars as Betty in the Eighties opposite Alun Armstrong who plays her devoted, if dull, husband, Donald. The younger Donald is played by Alun Armstrongs real-life son Joe Armstrong, in his first on-screen appearance with his father. Margaret, Bettys sister, is always there for her sibling through thick and thin, and in her younger years aided and abetted Bettys affair. Frances Barber plays Margaret in the Eighties and Rachel Leskovac plays Margaret in the Fifties.

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